Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media has evolved into a very powerful marketing medium. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube are household s. According to a recent study, 83% of the companies have considered SMM as part of their marketing endeavors. If your company is not utilizing these social media outlets, you for sure are lagging behind your competitors in attracting and retaining loyal customers. Unlike Search Engine optimization (SEO), SMM can show ROI within weeks. Therefore SMM has become an integral part of any corporation’s marketing initiatives.

Here are the salient features of SMM that makes it such a powerful marketing channel:

Social NOT Commercial:

As very evident from the it is a social network not a commercial one. The audience do not have a feeling of being bombarded by businesses, rather it has the overtones of a very social, and human interaction.

Low price

Have you ever considered advertising on TV? Not really if you are not a multi-million dollar business. The SMM, when properly done, has the greatest potential to reach millions of users at a cost which is barely a fraction of the TV ads.

SMM creates SEO

A well run SMM campaign will direct more traffic to your site, which in turn will soon earn a higher ranking among the search engines.

SMM without a strategy is a wasted effort

SMM may sound very simple, but the SMM that creates true ROI for a business is a matter too serious and requires a very well thought out strategy. Creating accounts on different social networking sites does not mean improved business.

Connexiz has the strategy

Connexiz can collaborate with you to improve your SMM ROI through a strategy involving:

  • Choosing the right networks
  • Setting benchmarks
  • Targeting groups and communities
  • Designing your customized profile
  • Designing incentives
  • Engaging your fans
  • Measuring the results

Please contact us for our social media design & social media management services and rates. Make your presence on the social media, a presence worthwhile.


  • How many leads or sales is your blog producing
  • How many followers and fans have Twitter and Facbeook created
  • Who are your fans and how can you reward them
  • How much traffic have bloggers and Twitter users produced for your site
  • What is the biggest complain about your brand
  • What is the one things most admired about your brand
  • What is the conversion rate for each of your social tools