Java Enterprise

We specialize in providing full Java and J2EE software solutions for the enterprise, offering on-site, off-site and offshore development services. This allows our clients to concentrate on their own business expertise, while we develop part or all of their application. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality end-product, taking ownership of and treating each project as though it were for our own use. Connexiz is your solution when you need people who will get a project done right the first time, when you need a project fixed, or if you are behind schedule. We have great experience in bringing success to time-critical projects.

J2EE – Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition – is the set of standards for developing distributed multitier Java applications. The main goal of J2EE specifications is to assure application scalability and data consistency during the system work. The components of Java EE such as Enterprise, JavaBeans, servlets, portlets and others allow developers to build cross-platform enterprise applications.

The benefits of J2EE platform are:

  • Application scalability
  • Wide selection of development tools and components
  • Flexible and secure solutions
  • Easier architecture due to component based model
  • Integration with legacy systems, including
    • JCA (Java Connector Architecture)
    • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
    • JMS (Java Message Service)
    • Java IDL (Java Interface Definition Language)
    • JavaMail API
    • JTA and JTS (Java Transaction API)

Our Services in Java

To maximize our customers’ business performance through effective IT investment in J2EE software development, Connexiz provides a comprehensive set of enterprise-class software development services based on the J2EE platform:

  • Java custom software development
  • Java application development consulting
  • J2ME development
  • Web application development using J2EE frameworks
  • Application migration to Java/J2EE
  • Migration of application servers


Microsoft .NET is a software technology which, according to Microsoft, was created to connect information, people, systems and devices. It is based on Web services – small applications that use Internet to connect with other applications. Microsoft .NET enables applications to interconnect across different platforms, software and programming languages. The main advantages of Microsoft.NET are:

  • Makes programming easier thanks to Web services
  • Allows the use of different programming languages
  • Offers an integrated set of tools for building and integrating Web services

Other Technology practice Areas:

  • ASP
  • FLEX
  • SharePoint Development


  • We brainstorm with you to understand your goals for the software.
  • We create an initial “proof of concept” prototype.
  • We evolve and adjust the prototype through multiple iterations in a series of milestones — based on feedback from you and other stakeholders.
  • We get closer to your final goals with each iteration and milestone.
  • We refractor the code and architecture throughout the entire lifecycle of the project to improve and streamline internal structure.
  • We make you part of the development team through short brainstorming sessions – along with using and testing the evolving prototype – without taking up too much of your time.
  • We deliver a final core software product that meets your highest expectations, along with your schedule and budget.


Exceed client expectations by going beyond software to provide solutions that transform data into knowledge, enabling them to solve problems and better serve their customers.